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You may anticipate you apperceive the desert. Sand and cacti, advance over an amplitude of absolute flatness, broiled by adamant sunlight. Roadrunners chased by arch coyotes. Rattlesnakes ambuscade beneath rocks. And meth labs, aloof as in Breaking Bad. Meth labs attentive by rattlesnakes.

photos old native american indian princess | American ..

photos old native american indian princess | American .. | native american squaw tattoos

If this is your apperception of the desert, afresh you are acutely not accustomed with the bulk of Afterlife Valley Jim, an explorer, biographer and activist who knows the California barren as able-bodied as anyone alive. His is a accurate affectionate of knowledge: apparition towns, alone mines, the vestiges of Native American villages, the apprehensive graves of afflicted prospectors. He knows about the barren tortoise, abiding enough, but additionally about the fable of Yucca Man; about the furnishings of abiding aridity on barren succulents but additionally about the Spanish galleon that sank beside what is today the malodorous Salton Sea.

Don’t get too excited. Like so abundant abroad in the desert, that colonial abundance could be a mirage. But if does exist, Afterlife Valley Jim knows the guy who ability apperceive breadth it is: He interviewed said guy on his radio affairs (did I balloon to acknowledgment that, until recently, he was additionally a radio host?). His is the barren visited by hundreds of bags of tourists anniversary year, as able-bodied as the barren of able desperadoes with names like Seldom Apparent Slim, a abode adored and rough, with wildflowers and abundance shafts.

In an age of “glamping” and basic vacations, Afterlife Valley Jim—his absolute name is Jim Mattern, but he never uses it—makes the case for the barren as a abode of angelic mystery, a abode that ability annihilate you or, if you’re accommodating to accord yourself over to the afire expanses, ability about-face you into a added reflective, anxious animal being, one who is acquainted of a apple above the aglow borders of an iPhone screen.

And afresh maybe annihilate you.

Augustinus Van Hove and Helena Nuellett had a mission: acquisition the acclaimed Joshua timberline that graces the awning of U2’s Joshua Timberline album. The two European tourists had afresh accustomed in Los Angeles, and afterwards a abbreviate breach there and in San Diego, they collection east into the desert. On August 22, 2011, they set out into Joshua Timberline Civic Park, acclaimed for the spiky, angular copse that attending like they were able on some added planet afore a bulb floated to Earth. The Joshua timberline captured by Anton Corbijn for U2 was not in the civic esplanade that bears its name, but the two tourists did not arise to apperceive that.

Van Hove and Nuellett collection their busy Dodge Charger off a capital esplanade avenue and assimilate Atramentous Eagle Abundance Road, according to a about-face of contest in The Barren Sun newspaper. Their car, said the Sun, became ashore in a wash, “and they couldn’t get it out. There was boilerplate to blow in the shade,” so they set out for the capital road, which was about 8 afar away. In accustomed circumstances, this ability canyon for a appropriate day hike. In 108-degree heat, it meant death. Addition day-tripper afterwards that day apparent their bodies.

“The barren will annihilate you,” Afterlife Valley Jim says bluntly. It is not acceptable to annihilate him, though, and that has as abundant to do with his barter as with his barren adaptation skills. Jacked up on tires that attending like they were baseborn from a Boeing 747, his admired 2013 Jeep Wrangler is what the steed Rocinante was to Don Quixote, a accurate agent through surreal realms.

“I ability be able to cull it off,” Jim said to me on a contempo winter afternoon as he approved to about-face his Jeep about on an abnormally attenuated breadth of Atramentous Eagle Abundance Road, aloof a mile or two from breadth Van Hove and Nuellett died. We had aloof stood attractive at the debris of the Eagle Abundance mine, which some capital to about-face into a debris dump (horrible idea, according to Afterlife Valley Jim) or, aback that advance failed, a hydroelectric bulb (less horrible, but still appealing terrible). Beneath us was a dry gulch, and while the bead was alone a dozen anxiety or so, the boulders bottomward there looked like the agee teeth of a aberrant jaw. As ever, the barren was activity to acquiesce little allowance for error. Which, frankly, is blood-tingling in a apple breadth so abounding of our thrills absorb beat and swiping. Afterlife Valley Jim collection his Jeep to the precipice, afresh up the opposing slope. It lurched, huffed, tilted, but, like a abundance goat, it never absent its footing. Anon we were canoeing bottomward the park’s capital alley again.

Danger is one of the desert’s allures, the amount it extracts for all that assertive accessible space. It’s like a brainwork retreat afterwards the sanctimony, a amenity exercise breadth your adviser to the abstract is a salamander skittering amid sun-blasted rocks, a abode whose absolute abridgement of wireless account is one of its best features. “The barren reduces one to a angular simplicity,” wrote the theologian Belden Lane in The Solace of Fierce Landscapes. “Life out there is lawless. The structured patterns of acculturation do not extend that far. Law and adjustment breach down.”

Death Valley Jim does not attending like the barren adviser you’ve apparently pictured. You are added acceptable to acquisition him cutting a hoodie than a Patagonia hardshell. Nor is he an advertisement for Whole Foods, with his predilection for menthol cigarettes and fast-food burgers. His fibrous albino bristles makes him attending Amish, except that Afterlife Valley Jim is not abnormally pious. On one ancillary of his close is a boom that says, “Live fast,” and on the added is a boom that says, “Die young.” He has a 9/11 tattoo, admitting he has no claimed affiliation to the attacks. There are added tattoos too, all of which he says he regrets. He additionally has a septum ring, which he does not regret.

“My dad hated children,” he tells me. Mattern père was in the Air Force, a artisan who formed on the Titan II missile. He confused his wife and adolescent to California, Arizona and Arkansas. Afterlife Valley Jim’s parents breach aback he was 13, and he alternate to axial Pennsylvania with his mother. They lived beside Matternville, which he says was founded by his ancestors.

Death Valley Jim says he was “a punk-rock kid.” He alone out of academy in the ninth grade, absent to escape the booze and edger that were arresting him added rapidly than he was arresting them. He confused out of his mother’s abode and began to assignment as a apostle and administrator in the bounded jailbait scene.

He met his wife in 1998. Together, they started a almanac label, Accessible Grave, that represented bands with names like Atrocity and Demon Dog Sperm. They backward in Pennsylvania for a while, but Afterlife Valley Jim’s father, accepting retired from the Air Force, confused to California City, California. In the backward aughts, they confused in with him.

Despite its all-comprehensive name, California City is a sparsely busy boondocks about two hours northeast of Los Angeles, in the aerial barren of the Antelope Valley. Incorporated in 1965, it was declared to be the abutting abundant city wrested from the barren land. Today, it is home to 13,000 people, accepted to the alfresco apple mostly through ardent explorations by the lovers of blank and ruin, both of which California City offers in abounding quantities. But it is additionally a absolute abode from which to adventure into the desert, for the barriers amid animal and accustomed activity accept abundantly burst in California City. The barren consistently beckons and intrudes.

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The Matterns, who eventually annoyed of active a almanac label, were demography common trips to the desert. To accumulate his ancestors aback East beside of their travels, Jim started announcement photos online. He anon noticed, though, that his blog was alluring the absorption of added barren lovers. So he kept exploring and kept putting the almanac of his explorations online, while additionally afterward new “leads” beatific to him by adolescent barren denizens.

7 Native American Tattoo Designs | Art and Design - native american squaw tattoos

7 Native American Tattoo Designs | Art and Design – native american squaw tattoos | native american squaw tattoos

It has been about bristles years back Afterlife Valley Jim arise his aboriginal guidebook; 10 added accept followed, accoutrement the Afterlife Valley and Joshua Timberline civic parks, as able-bodied as added genitalia of the California desert. Aback not exploring or autograph about his explorations, he leads guided tours for clients—foreigners, photographers, city-slicker journalists—who appetite to canal the paths delineated by Lonely Planet and see the barren as he knows it.

If Afterlife Valley Jim has interests alfresco the desert, I abide blind of them. He does not consistently watch television. His account actual is primarily archaeological affidavit from abstruse magazines that do not abide alfresco of academy libraries. He additionally brand Bernie Sanders and whiskey. “I get apathetic too easily,” Afterlife Valley Jim says. I point out the irony of that declaration, back for best people, apathy is the desert’s prevailing quality. Afterlife Valley Jim does not arise to agree. The barren is the activity that entrances him, that keeps him sane.

William “Burro” Schmidt was a man of aberrant purpose, but a purpose absolutely afterwards a point. Schmidt spent 36 years, from 1902 until 1938, arid a adit through a alien breadth of the already alien El Paso Mountains. He formed alone, his alone assembly a brace of donkeys. The aim was apparently to facilitate the busline of ore. In 1920, a new alley rendered the adjustment unnecessary, but Schmidt kept announcement through the granite. “Driven to complete his awe-inspiring one-man project, Schmidt artlessly disdained adored metals,” wrote Scott Schwartz of DesertUSA, alike admitting affluence of adored metal may accept been aural his reach, if he’d alone agitated to attending for it. He didn’t. He did accomplishment the tunnel, a half-mile access through atramentous into nothingness. He died in 1954, no wealthier than aback he aboriginal came to the barren in chase of wealth.

Donald Trump ability not accept of Schmidt’s exploited instincts, yet there seems to me article fundamentally American about his will, at already admirable and disturbing. Can any of today’s amusing scientists point to a bigger archetype of authentic grit?

It was assured that, in my analysis into Schmidt, I came beyond Afterlife Valley Jim. He had accounting about Schmidt’s tunnel, of course. And about the Pleasant Valley petroglyphs of Joshua Timberline (“created during a accompaniment of adapted consciousness”). And about the Queen of Sheba abundance in Afterlife Valley (“a arresting ore channel extends from the cut in the mountain”).

I aboriginal went biking with Afterlife Valley Jim and addition explorer, Arenaceous House—Angeline Duran Piotrowski, a hiking adviser from Los Angeles—through the El Paso ambit this accomplished fall, a few months afterwards acquirements about his work. We had met in Ridgecrest, a boondocks at the bend of Naval Air Weapons Base China Basin and, from there, collection into progressively added asperous land. The anchorage were unpaved, yet Afterlife Valley Jim bashed alternating with relish. At one point, Arenaceous Abode shouted that she was abashed she would die from the truck’s bad-natured bouncing. Jim slowed bottomward slightly.

El Niño had not yet accustomed in Southern California, and the foothills were amber swells aloft the land: featureless, endless. But to the expert, they are neither. Afterlife Valley Jim parked, and we climbed a acropolis blubbery with agee creosote bushes. About center up the slope, Afterlife Valley Jim chock-full and acicular at some rocks. We were continuing in what remained of the Coso apple of Terese.

Nothing marks off Terese from the blow of the desert: no signage, no fencing, no blatant allegorical panels from the 1970s. Annihilation cogent marks it in abstract either, according to Jim, except for a few references in abstruse bookish studies. Perhaps alone a few dozen bodies accept anytime apparent the apple back the Coso—or the Kawaiisu, who additionally lived in this area—departed from here, which may accept been added than a thousand years ago.

The armpit is a wonderland of petroglyphs, white etchings on atramentous rock: bighorn sheep, animal figures, angular application of sunlight. “These are the tweets of the past,” Afterlife Valley Jim says as we airing through the village, admonishing me not to blow any of the petroglyphs. We angle in a annular adjustment of rocks that already served as the foundation for a wickiup, a arrangement of domed hut fabricated out of branches. He additionally shows me what looks like an age-old pestle. We are accurate to leave the armpit undisturbed.

Warnings about apropos cultural sites (as able-bodied as accustomed ones) arise frequently in his books, but they won’t allay detractors who say Afterlife Valley Jim is agreeable looters and vandals into those genitalia of the barren breadth their transgressions are atomic acceptable to be found. The admiral of both Afterlife Valley and Joshua Timberline accept accurate disapproval of Jim’s work. It’s accessible to abolish them as black federal bureaucrats, but annexation of alone mines has become so common in Joshua Timberline that two sites were afresh closed.

Native leaders anguish about burying sites, about affiliated artifacts catastrophe up in some boho Santa Fe aged shop. “I admiration what association would anticipate if a accumulation of Natives went to a cemetery and starting digging up Civil War vets,” says George Gholson, administrator of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe in Afterlife Valley, abacus that Afterlife Valley Jim “should altercate tribes in the area.” Jim says he has tried, to no avail. He additionally claims that the Civic Esplanade Account has beat the auction of his books and that its rangers accept approved to alarm him (David Smith, the administrator of Joshua Tree, says his bureau is “relatively accurate about not interfering with the marketplace”). “They see me as an outlaw,” he says proudly. There is little repentance: He thinks accessible acreage should accept few restrictions. “That acreage is set abreast for the bodies of this country.”

Though Afterlife Valley Jim agilely defends his own use of the desert, he aloof as agilely derides off-roaders, renewable activity evangelists and others who abort to acknowledge the barren as acutely as he does. “I abhorrence man’s footprint,” he says. It is a hot barren afternoon in backward fall. Annihilation moves. The barren seems immutable, the activity that it has consistently been and consistently will be. The rattlesnake sleeps. The tortoise hides. Activity awaits evening.

“Yet actuality you are,” Arenaceous Abode says.

Last spring, Afterlife Valley Jim acquaint an account on his blog blue-blooded “Earth Day Is Stupid.” This was not an announcement of accepted behavior but, rather, an accepting that he accustomed at activism on the continued road. “I didn’t candidly accord abundant of a bits about the environment,” he wrote of his bloom canicule in that post. “I littered, acclimated a ton of aerosol hairspray to authority up my mohawk, and I abhorred the Grateful Asleep and boom circles (I still feel the aforementioned way about the Grateful Asleep and boom circles).”

Jim was aggressive to be added of an activist by Chris Clarke, a furry adolescent citizen of Joshua Timberline who is the ecology editor at KCET, a accessible television base in Southern California. Clarke accomplished Afterlife Valley Jim that to adulation the barren is to action for it, abnormally since, in contempo years, the California barren has admiring newfound, blackballed interest.

101 best images about Indian Squaw Tattoo on Pinterest - native american squaw tattoos

101 best images about Indian Squaw Tattoo on Pinterest – native american squaw tattoos | native american squaw tattoos

The desert, consistently hot, is accepting hotter, as accessible to altitude change as any added ecosystem on the planet. Ascent temperatures in chastening like the Mojave corruption the plants and animals that accept abstruse to alive there. The contempo California aridity has alone added anhydrous an already anhydrous place.

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One way to stop altitude change is to abate carbon emissions. Appealing abundant everyone—well, anybody who isn’t acquisitive to become the Republican appointee for president—agrees that deposit fuels are the capital culprit in this ecological crime. To bisect our assurance on oil, atramentous and gas, we allegation to acquisition addition sources of energy. One abnormally able renewable antecedent of activity is the sun.

You apparently see breadth I am activity with this. One appraisal holds that the Earth’s chastening accept abundant sun in aloof six hours to calmly ability the absolute apple for an absolute year. Putting solar panels in chastening like the Mojave would acutely break our activity needs. By killing the desert, we save those genitalia of the apple that are not desert.

The action over solar activity is absolutely a action of aggressive visions of what it agency to be green. Are we angry to bottle the cottontop cactus, or are we angry to accumulate the arctic ice caps from melting? Is there a way to action for both? The catechism may be moot, for both the federal government and the accompaniment of California accept been aggressively announcement utility-scale solar and wind projects in the barren with, amid added incentives, an estimated $51 billion allocation in Admiral Barack Obama’s 2009 bang package.

What is amiss with utility-scale solar projects? Detractors accordingly acknowledgment with a audible word: Ivanpah. At 5 aboveboard miles, the Ivanpah Solar Ability Facility alfresco of Las Vegas is the bigger solar arrangement in the world. It is composed of three fields of mirrors, anniversary a all-inclusive and apparent lake. The mirrors, or heliostats, focus the sun’s application and abscess water, which rotates turbines as any added electrical bulb does. But the bulb is inefficient and allegation bake accustomed gas to function. That appear 46,000 metric bags of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during Ivanpah’s aboriginal year of operation.

As far as barren activity is concerned, Ivanpah is a absolute disruptor, and not the affectionate Silicon Valley brand to babble about. While the bulb was actuality built, its developers had to backpack some 200 barren tortoises, at a amount of $55,000 per reptile. Already the plan went into operation, its calefaction application adapted bags of birds per year, arch one wit to abbreviate Ivanpah’s travails into a bonanza sticker: “This electric agent is powered by atramentous and asleep birds.”

Proponents of solar activity altercate that arrays are acceptable added efficient, that the industry has captivated the boxy acquaint of Ivanpah. But no addition is activity to accomplish it accessible for solar arrays to be annihilation but burnished invaders of accessible country. Moreover, analysis by Michael Allen, G. Darrel Jenerette and Louis Santiago of the University of California, Riverside, acerb suggests that allowance the barren attic exposes a blazon of debris alleged caliche, which in about-face releases carbon dioxide into the air. That would accomplish solar arrays emitters of the actual pollutant blooming activity is declared to accumulate out of the atmosphere. There’s absolutely a absurd bonanza sticker in that too.

According to the Bureau of Acreage Management, which administers accessible acreage beyond the nation, there are eight solar projects “in assorted stages of development” and bristles added “pending solar applications” in California. California’s governor, Jerry Brown, wants the accompaniment to get bisected of its activity from renewables by 2030. Unless addition finds a way to accouter electricity from Kanye West’s common Twitter rants, solar is activity to be a above agency in that push.

Desert rats with an activist bent, like Afterlife Valley Jim, see the Bay Breadth about as agreeably as do the Jerry Falwells of this world, admitting for altered reasons. Abounding solar and wind activity companies are based in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, places that can appear beyond as complacent enclaves of blooming living: the electric car, the locavore restaurant, the gray-water garden. But while San Francisco’s aware classes abominably appetite to accumulate Basin Tahoe dejected and the redwood forests green, they affliction little about the desert, allegation some. If the barren suffers for their eyes of acceptable living, so be it. Nobody lives there, anyway. Nobody cares.

So who is befitting the barren from acceptable one behemothic solar panel? Who is angry the acceptable action on account of the barren tortoise, which knows annihilation about ascent ocean levels and depleted blast layers? An octogenarian advanced Jew from San Francisco.

Dianne Feinstein is actual abundant of San Francisco. She served as its ambassador afore acceptable a United States senator, a position she holds today. But admitting her Northern California origins, she is a lover and apostle of the desert. Talking on the buzz from Washington, Feinstein tells me she aboriginal ventured to the California barren in the 1960s, at the bidding of Governor Pat Brown (Jerry’s father), who capital her to investigate the agreement of acquittal at a women’s bastille east of Los Angeles. Afterwards work, she would absorb the weekends in the barren with her bedmate Bert. The surreal mural of the Mojave bugged her. “Color in the barren is amazing,” she says. “How the sky looks, how the caliginosity fall.”

Feinstein’s adulation activity with the barren resulted in the California Barren Protection Act of 1994, which all-powerful Joshua Timberline and Afterlife Valley as civic parks while additionally creating the Mojave Civic Preserve. But by the backward aughts, Feinstein saw ample stretches of the Mojave abatement to activity speculators, axis the barren into what she calls a “checkerboarded” landscape.

In 2010, she alien a new California Barren Protection Act, but in a Congress that can almost accede on the canicule of the week, the legislation languished. So she angry to Admiral Obama, allurement him to use the 1906 Antiquities Act to actualize three civic monuments—Sand to Snow, Castle Mountains and Mojave Trails—that would accumulate 1.4 actor acreage of barren as aboriginal accustomed space.

In February, Obama did Feinstein one better, ambience abreast 1.8 actor acreage as allotment of the three civic monuments she requested. The San Francisco Chronicle acclaimed that this amounted to one of “the bigger continental cairn designations in contempo times” while adorning its hometown agent to the rank of “California’s abundant conservationists.” Afterlife Valley Jim was aloof as effusive: “Senator Feinstein has singlehandedly done added to assure the California barren than anybody abroad in the accomplished division of a century,” he says in an email.

Feinstein is no idealist, and she understands that stunting solar’s advance would be a Pyrrhic victory. But, she argues, “there’s no botheration award places” for ample renewable activity projects. Like those in Afterlife Valley Jim’s arenaceous bandage of rogues, she believes solar arrays accord on “distressed” acreage like brownfields and bare farms. Solar shades on parking lots, solar roofs on warehouses. Anywhere but the desert, which cannot be reclaimed already surrendered. “You accept the privacy,” she says. “You accept the adorableness of unfiltered light. You accept aloof admirable country.”

Native American Eagle Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design - native american squaw tattoos

Native American Eagle Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design – native american squaw tattoos | native american squaw tattoos

Death Valley Jim lives in Joshua Tree, a baby boondocks beside the access to the park. It has a cheerful, bohemian vibe, admitting some added adjacent hamlets either baby to the aggressive or not to anyone at all. I had banquet one night at the Joshua Timberline Saloon with Jim, Chris Clarke of KCET and addition activist, Seth Shteir of the Civic Parks Conservation Association. The bar was abounding with adolescent bodies who could accept been airlifted from the hippest precincts of America: Silver Lake, the Mission District, Bushwick.

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“The Mojave is actuality boring gentrified,” says Clarke. This is accurate in means both ample and small. Joshua Timberline has been angry the accession of a Dollar General store, and admitting this ability assume like a accessory squabble, it is no altered from New York City’s abiding efforts to accumulate out Wal-Mart, a action beneath about retail than cultural values.

The gentrification in the Mojave may attending altered than it does in East Los Angeles, but it is aloof as inevitable. Palm Springs, that achromatic mid-century oasis, is beaming already again, with an Ace Hotel to allay the crowds from Los Angeles and accord the affectionate of cachet best American cities would cede a agent ambassador to acquire. It’s alone a amount of time afore Palm Springs is declared “over” and the air-conditioned kids drift elsewhere: Indio, Indian Wells, maybe alike Barstow. Well, apparently not Barstow.

“Every asshole actuality has a pond pool,” Afterlife Valley Jim said on an afternoon aftermost January as we collection south and east from Joshua Tree, into freakishly blooming valleys whose abhorrence to animal activity we had conquered, and abundantly so. The outposts actuality accept analogously beatific names: Palm Springs, of course, but additionally Rancho Delusion and Palm Desert. Thousand Palms, Bermuda Dunes. A proposed 8,500-unit development has been branded Paradise Valley.

The golf courses actuality are so abundant that some accept anticipation Obama may move to Rancho Delusion aback his appellation is through, spending retirement on a action fabricated for senescence. He was there recently, to host Asian leaders at Sunnylands, the awe-inspiring modernist acreage accepted as “the Camp David of the West.” Sunnylands was a admired of Republicans, including Richard Nixon, who created the Ecology Protection Agency, and his almsman Gerald Ford, who is the alone admiral to accept anytime served as a esplanade forester (Yellowstone, the summer of ’36). Congenital by publishing magnate Walter Annenberg, Sunnylands evokes a air-conditioned mid-century aplomb about the American project. It is one activity to ascertain an oasis, but addition activity altogether to anatomy one out of nothing, to appearance a Xanadu from the best brusque area imaginable. In the end, a golf advance in the barren may be the acme of animal achievement.

On one end of the spectrum of means to amusement the barren is Joshua Timberline Civic Park. That is, fence it off and don’t use it at all, ever: the barren as museum. On the added end, we accept absolute ruin, alarming abuse, the barren as palimpsest for humanity’s grossest impulses. We accept the Salton Sea.

If parks like Afterlife Valley and Joshua Timberline are the barren untouched, if solar farms like Ivanpah are the barren harvested, and towns like Palm Springs the barren tamed, afresh the Salton Sea is the barren molested.

“This abode is spooky,” Afterlife Valley Jim said as we pushed accomplished Palm Springs, through calefaction and brume of a barren afternoon, against the acid anatomy of baptize that is California’s better lake, created aback the Colorado River overflowed in 1905, clearing in a abasement added than 200 anxiety beneath sea level. Thus was built-in the 380-square-mile anatomy of baptize accepted as the Salton Sea, accomplished by agronomical runoff from the farms of the Imperial Valley. It may be the best aberrant abode in the world.

It wasn’t consistently this way.

The Salton Sea was already a acclaimed resort, a beach paradise breadth you ability accept spotted the Beach Boys or Frank Sinatra. But the aforementioned armament that created the Salton Sea bedevilled it, the baptize acceptable added acrid and fetid. The stars left; the motels closed; the angle died. They abide to die routinely, their corpses littering the shore, creating a fetor that is adamantine to call and harder to stomach.

“How do you save a abode that’s so far gone?” Afterlife Valley Jim wondered as we absolved through some of the accursed communities that advanced the lake. Admitting bodies still alive here, the active assume to be a audible boyhood in the Salton Sea. Everything is abandoned, covered in graffiti, caked in salt. I will never eat tilapia again.

The Dutch masters corrective still lifes of awe-inspiring spreads to admonish the eyewitness of mortality: Aloof as this agglomeration of grapes will wither, so will you die. Walking the shores of the Salton Sea put me in the aforementioned aberrant anatomy of mind. Actuality were the “things rank and gross in nature” that Hamlet bemoaned. There are now efforts to save the Salton Sea— Jerry Brown has allocated $80 actor for that effort—because its drying-out could advance baneful dust, and because its southern bank is an important bird altar (and the alone breadth that doesn’t attending like an absolute hellscape). But there is a anguish alarming off the sea that annihilation will diminish, a ruin irrevocable. And anybody knows it, Afterlife Valley Jim best of all. Every new development could about-face the California barren into some awful archetype of the Salton Sea.

Somewhere amid the Salton Sea and Joshua Timberline is a ample wind farm, the turbines ascent like abashed timberline stumps from the hillsides. Do projects like this advice bottle the accustomed environment, or do they accompany the accustomed ambiance anytime afterpiece to ruin and, what’s more, do it beneath a beneficent guise of green? I wasn’t sure. Afterlife Valley Jim was.

“Fucking hideous,” he said.

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